Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Floor Sanding in Melbourne

Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is helping residential and commercial property owners with timber Floor installation Melbourne to bring charm to the property. We know and strongly believe that timber can be the best addition to the home as its value-added features. We have a team of professional and experienced timber floor installation who can ensure you to have the best flooring. We do also provide Concrete Polishing and floor sanding Melbourne to make outdoor pathway and driveway appealing spot. For more information, you call us at 0469 939 227/03 9706 1871. You can also send us Email on: info@totalfloorsandingandpolishing.com.au

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Which Things to Consider for Floor Sanding and Polishing Service

Floors also required decorative with polished concrete, floor polishing Melbourne make the use of advancement in techniques and equipment to make the work easy and fast. Now design your deck with floor sanding and polishing Geelong as a professional can determine the overall polishing process successfully. To develop the added beauty and uniqueness make the use of floor polishing pads, this could have durable and versatile.

Maintain the floor shine



At the time of cleaning up the flooring surface, it could be little challenging to go through this process; as to find the right workman to work with perfection. Different type of wood floor required different polishing items. Need to look for maintaining the wood floor is a great way to keep it well loot out and help to stay for a long time and even the amount of time before you can walk on it. Each footstep and point of contact will naturally wear down the coating and diminish its shine. As it needs to maintain the floor shine and floor polishing, Melbourne is the most important factor as there are different kinds of polishes which are meant for different type for flooring.

Decorate the beautiful flooring

Now keep the floors looking suitable for an extended period as possible through the service of floor polishing Geelong. The process to move with the style of floor polishing machine come with the high-speed unit; as the drive one disc and it build similarly to a low-speed engine except that the motor assembler is supported on the platform or castors or wheels. As to make the solution option for floor cleaning polishing belong to this act as a feature to decorate with beautiful design and shiny surface. If damage to any of the natural components of the environment in any manner.


To gain the well-polished floor, as a result, need to have high speed creates a lot of heat. Make the use of floor polishing Melbourne machine in industrial, where most of the people use specific products for cleaning the floor as this machine is used to clean wet flooring as well as fresh flooring. It is also capable of scrubbing, stripping and carpet cleaning. At the time of building; many people look for a low-cost alternative for polishing concrete, as they also need to check out the floor polishing pads.

Last statement as a conclusion:

While preparing the floor surface well design and maintain through floor polishing Melbourne service as it has been used for home and office sector for cleaning and as hygiene products. Most of the time, it have been wear and tear occur on the surface of the floor while allowing the surface of the floor look dull. Performing sanding and polishing Geelong surface could be beneficial for the long-lasting period of design to display on the flooring surface. This could be the best step to protect the floor and even enhance the look of the floor as it depends on performing the cleaning activity.


Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Expert for Commercial Floor Sanding in Geelong

A better option is to have dust free flooring. While woof flood sanding is the process that could enhance the look and longevity of wooden floor. Floor sanding in Geelong brings protection, durability, ease of application, cleaning requirement and safety. Timber floor is in the fashion of flooring to make the environment look attractive. Timber floor cleaning in Melbourne makes the home and working place more appealing and attractive. Timber floor buffing cleaning service is the process that could help to enhance the look and longevity of the timber floor. Need to make sure that sanding professionals make due arrangements to save from dust. The dust should be removed at periodical intervals in order to get the best result from sanding floor.

Structure features

While re-staining floor could make sure that the floor is totally dust free. The application of timber finish is essential to protect the surface of any timber floor. At the time; the process of sanding any kind of imperfections could be highlighted by the applied coating, combined with reflected light. There are various alternative board sizes available for timber floors, which are classified according to their width, thickness and other structural features. An expert flooring sanding in Geelong contractor will offer the benefits of detailed information and advice on which finish is best suited to the flooring.

Floor sanding Geelong

Offering a unique environment

They will consider the overall environment with usage, moisture, heat, direct sun and wood type to mention a few. Best served experts are also in a position to offer bespoke wood finishes, offering a truly unique application. Whether working on timber floor cleaning in Melbourne identify oil, wax, varnish or lacquer to be chosen product, make sure to use a finish that seamlessly compliments rooms surrounding. This sanding imperfection could usually occur during the operator focuses on a particular isolated uneven area of the floor.

Maintenance to the finished surface

On regular basis, maintenance is a priority to keep the timber floor buffing cleaning service is looking its best. Dusting, mopping and vacuuming stop grit and dirt building up from the finished surface. At the time of cleaning use as little water as possible for mopping and dry immediately in order to avoid raising the moisture content of the timber. Timber floor cleaner should be used in the cleaning process.

timber floor buffing and cleaning


Timber floor is warm and inviting are still easy to clean and maintain. Floor sanding in Geelong adds on property value, versatility, cost efficiency and fantastic visual appeal to home floors. The major benefit of the timber floor is that they are environment-friendly. The warmness and attractiveness of a quality timber floor cleaning Melbourne that could directly increase the artistic value of the house. As the timber floor is very simple to clean. Floors timber is the best option available for the better duration. This kind of flooring is brilliant for home and environment.

Source: Timber floor protection to enhance flooring with time floor cleaning in Melbourne

Thursday, 3 January 2019

How to Care Different Wood Floors? – A Complete Guidelines

A healthy-looking floor means, a healthy & happy home atmosphere; to clean the floor deeply is not a “five-finger” job at all. Floor simply reflect home excellence, if it shed charm & lustre then, you should seek Floor sanding Geelong without taking much of the time. Although, routine care and maintenance can keep it looking beautiful for many years. The first thing in caring wood floors is to vacuum it often. Keep the floor free of dirt and dust you will reduce the action on any type of floor surface that you have.

But remember, you have to make sure that vacuum attachment is a natural brush or a type of floor that won’t scratch the floor. When hardwood floor requires to be cleaned then you need to know what kind of floor top coat or finish of trying to clean. Thus, look for the best Floor polishing Geelong company for oil surfaced floors, wax, or polyurethane floors. Let’s see!

First one is, oiled wood floors

Oiled wood floors need different care than any other type of wood floors like polyurethane floors. With the time, the wood becomes dry and depleted from foot traffic. Thus, you should try vacuuming and dry mopping the floor to remove dust and debris. For stubborn stains, you should allow the cleaner to remain on the spot for few minutes to loosen dirt from the flooring. For deep cleaning, repeat the cleaning process across the floor as per need.

Then, wipe down the floor with a soft cloth. To restore oil back into the floor, you should apply a small amount of hardwood oil to a clean cloth and wipe over the wood. Then, wipe off excess oil with clean cloths.

Polyurethane wood floors

Polyurethane surface is the most important wood floor type. It is the only floor finish that can be used about anywhere. There are three main types of polyurethane used on the hardwood floors which are water based, moisture cured, and oil modified. And, oil modified polyurethane is often applied over oil-based stains.

Wipe away sticky spills with a damp cloth and then you can dry the area with a clean & soft cloth. For the stubborn stain, use a glass cleaner to clean the floor. Never wet the mop, clean it with oil soap, and a coat with acyclic dressing. You should never use diluted vinegar to clean polyurethane; the acid can etch the finish and make it dull.

Waxed wood floors

Waxed floor need a bit more care than other surface finishes. Aside from routine vacuuming, there is a secret to clean waxed wood floors which is to use water as little as possible. For dust and debris cleaning, a dry mop or very stubborn damp can be used. Thus, use slightly warm water with soaps, ammonia, and detergents. Finally, soak used rags in water and then store in an airtight metal container; these used rags should be disposed of properly.


Do you have any questions? If you have any Floor sanding Geelong related question then, comment us through the comment section. We’ll try to answer as early as possible. 

Source: Things That You Need To Know About Caring Wood Floors

Friday, 2 November 2018

Why i Should Use The Floor Sanding in Polishing Service in Melbourne?

We all know that the timber or wooden floor is an added attraction and is a very popular option in interior decoration. It not only increases the beauty of the interior but also increases the value of the home. There are numerous types and designs of hardwood floors that are available in the market. To make them all beautiful, you definitely need the floor sanding in polishing.

But why is it important, a question!!! To avoid any type of damage when you are doing the polishing you have to choose the floor polishing Melbourne Company that also provide the sanding as well.

Floor Sanding and polishing in Melbourne
  • If the sanding is done correctly, it increases the heat and beauty of the house and infuses an artistic touch.
  • Sanding is done before polishing the floor and it is always better to hire an expert to do this work.
There are many types of sanding available, but the sanding such as polyurethane can highlight the quality of the wood floor. Check the places where there is a lot of traffic, such as offices, hotels and halls of buildings, need a strong sanding to provide longevity to the floor.
Note: Polishing is done after sanding, it is very important that the floor is ready for polishing. An expert will do this job better than anyone else.

Benefits of the sanding before the polishing service

Sanding floors can be made by hand, but experts in this field use electric machines that have facilitated and quick sanding. The same sandpapers are used.
Sanding and polishing floors are hard work and take a lot of time. Therefore, many people do not prefer sanding and polishing, but carpet. But, people who want flats in the true sense opt for hardwood floors.

Here are the advantages of using floor sanding in polishing:

Floor Polishing in Melbourne
  • Wood floors tend to wear out faster than concrete floors. Sanding is done to minimize soil damage.
  • Sanding wood floors repairs cracks and scratches on the floor.
  • If the floor is worn, the attractiveness of the interior becomes difficult. Sanding the wood floor can give the floor a completely new look.
  • Sanding the floor can help reduce stains. Wood floors tend to lose their charm and original tone due to the cleanliness and drop of the feet.
  • Sanding wood floors makes them durable. The last step of sanding is the application of the wood layer.
  • It is a coating that keeps wood floors safe from moisture, dust and other harmful elements.
  • The experts clearly understand the condition and hardness of the floors and can advise on the amount of sanding required for the floor to shine again.
  • You can even do a varnishing job to keep the floor shiny and smooth. But no matter what you choose, it is always advisable to have the help of experts in this work.
To give the finishing, you definitely floor polishing but before it, you need to have the floor sanding as well. To sustain the brightness need the polishing and to level the floor need floor sanding. But for that, you definitely get the best service from floor polishing Melbourne Company that provides the sanding service as well.

Monday, 2 July 2018

The Process of Floor Sanding Services

Wooden flooring is gaining popularity day by day amongst the homeowners and so is Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne. They not just look attractive and are long lasting, but they are also very easy to maintain and to keep clean. But have you ever thought what would happen to it with time once the golden wood floor finish gets scratched, scuffed and dull?

The ordinary retailing products are not at all specialised for dealing with the individual types of floorings and they also leave the residue behind developing a lifeless and dull impression that you’re left with.

However, there’s a wonderful no dust wooden flooring sanding treatment which is available which not just bring the wooden flooring to life but also keeps the homes free from dust while being clean.


Process in which the standard floor cleaning machines work

  • The main issue with the standard floor cleaning machines is amount of the airborne dirt and dust which is developed during the process of sanding making it hazardous as well as unhealthy for the homeowner and the operator. It also takes time for getting rid of dust later on.
  • With the help of the most updated machines in the industry of Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne, dust and dirt free machines employ a very advanced filter system which helps the operator in the process of sanding without actually developing dusty atmosphere.
  • Efficient professionals who care for the quality of the indoor air invest in the dust extraction system, realising the significance as well as overall value to the clients for these types of systems.
  • All the dust contained in the big protective machine bags and filter prevents dirt and dust from lowering the effect of the machines. The dust extraction system helps in taking care of the huge amount of dust and the old finishing materials which would linger in the house otherwise for months together once the operator leaves your house.
  • The high power edge sanding machines have different heads for getting into the difficult to approach places and they are also very powerful for removing the deepest of the heel marks.
  • The strength of dust free sanders helps in making sure an extremely smooth finish so that the wood can be resurfaced. A long lasting and durable finish is applied for making sure that the wooden flooring can be brought back to glory and would be hard wearing for several years in future.

There are a lot of benefits for the professionals as well as the property owners. The home owner benefits from eliminating airborne dust virtually from traditional Floor Sanding Services Melbourne, a machine which could easily move in any of the directions without causing any damage to the grain pattern, a safe and secure environment for the family, a super finished product as well as overall value of money.


The professionals who use the no dust wooden flooring sand machine offer a much more effective service capable of monitoring their work constantly. Floor Sanding Services Melbourne helps in sanding the floor in the best way possible.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Some Safety Tips For Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Melbourne

In Melbourne hundreds of branches were available for timber floor polishing. The Timber Floor Sanding and Polishingcan be to a great degree testing of this kind of flooring.

If the whole procedure is not handled in a precisely manner, immoderate slip-ups can undoubtedly happen.
It is in this respect, basic to legitimately set up the timber floor before cleaning, including altogether sanding the floor. A flawlessly cleaned floor can possibly inhale new life into a home. The following are some key tips for Timber Floor sanding and polishing Melbourne :

Follow the essential tips
  • While beginning the process of cleaning, the agencies in Melbourne prefer to evacuate all the unpleasantness in the floor. In addition this, also look for any past coatings. This can be completed by utilizing a drum sander or a belt sander. Floor sanding and cleaning, includes the utilization of a scope of sand papers.
  • Another important thing about this is the coarseness of the sandpaper. It lowers the coarseness, by the help of the course of the sand paper. Most floors basically require the utilization of a 40-coarseness sandpaper, climbing to a smoother 80-coarseness. If the floor is harsh then you can probably made of reconditioned or reused timber. It is prudent to utilize near about 24-coarseness sandpaper.
  • The next step for Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing is out every one range. The belt sander can’t achieve utilizing a round sanding plate of around 18 cm, called floor edger. This can be done by running over the floor with an orbital sander by utilizing 120-coarseness sandpaper. This will serve to achieve the linearity of the sanding marks. In regard to this, the floor is vacuumed to dispose the dust out of the floor.
  • The floor is prepared for covering. It is very essential to seal the edges by utilizing a brush. Then you should trailed by night, out the covering with a roller. This underlying coat should be connected out of the move plate. The underlying coat with regular brush up can make it extremely standard.
  • The next step that has to be followed while utilizing an orbital sander with a 120-150 coarseness paper in order to dispose all the harshness happening in the floor. With careful, when you performed the task of coating once, and then sit tight for no less than 8 hours before applying 2 more coats. The next two coats should be connected in a convenient manner for better result. After that you leave the floor is left for around 24 hours before strolling on it.
  • When you try to clean a timber floors, it is very important to wear a security gear, which includes ear muffs, dust veil and breathing cover. These serve to keep the floor from breathing in exhaust and tidies. Additionally, it is the key things which you need to peruse the guidelines on the items and hardware before leaving on Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing.